HyperLynx® DRC

HyperLynx DRC for electronic sign-off. Rules-based approach to traditional simulation to identify non-CAD constraints. PADS and every PCB layout tool has great online batch DRC where it’s checking clearances of traces, vias, board edge, all that type of stuff. But there are other clearances that you need to be aware of. Traces to the edge of the board, traces to shielding, traces with crossover splits or void areas, things that are traditionally manually checked. And designers will get the plots of their design out, lay them over one another, and try to visually inspect the design. Now we can do it systematically with HyperLynx DRC.

So we get visual results, easily identifiable violations integrated with PADS PCB at a price performance, bringing this technology to the mainstream market. 

  • Rules-based approach vs traditional simulation to identify non-CAD constraints
    • Fast time-to-results
    • Simple setup for complex challenges
  • Out-of-the-box checks for
    • EMI
    • Signal integrity
    • Power integrity
  • Visual results, easy identification of violations integrated with PADS PCB