PADS® HyperLynx® DDR

PADS HyperLynx DDR allows you to identify and solve signal integrity and timing challenges for DDR designs. And just to clarify, this is DDR 1, 2, and 3. You’re looking for typical signal integrity issues such as overshoot/undershoot, ringing, specific DDR issues such as setup/hold, derating, skew, data bus margins. And again, this is technology that you can’t get anyplace else for this price point with this level of ease of use.  We’re making DDR analysis technology accessible to the mainstream engineer. Back to the product creation messaging, we’re giving engineers more information up front so they can make wise trade-offs during their product creation. 

  • Identify and solve Signal Integrity and timing challenges specific to DDRx designs
  • Resolve typical SI impairments
    • Overshoot/undershoot
    • Ringing
  • Identify DDRx timing issues
    • Setup/hold
    • Derating
    • Skew
    • Data bus margins
  • Unparalleled technology for mainstream PCB design
Kompatibel ab PADS VX 2.0

On-Demand-Webinar: Dieses 15-minütige Webinar untersucht die DDR-Speicherschnittstelle und zeigt, wie ein einfach zu bedienender Assistent Ihnen bei DDR-Problemen im Entwurf helfen kann.

Datenblatt (PDF, ~630KB)