Electronic Coolings Analyse für den PADS Flow

By tightly integrating with PADS, we’re allowing thermal analysis to be done early on in the design process and allowing the hardware engineer to do it. Unlike HyperLynx Thermal, which is included with the current PADS Standard Plus and PADS Professional,  PADS FloTHERM XT does 3D computational fluid dynamics, a different, more accurate way of doing thermal analysis. We can easily import mechanical objects via [STEP] and other model formats such as enclosure, brackets.
Mechanical devices such heat sinks and screws that all affect the thermal properties of the end product. Of course, takes advantage of cooling methodologies such as radiation conduction and convection.

And the key differentiator with HyperLynx Analog, you can perform that thermal analysis with the enclosure much earlier in the design cycle. 

  • Allows hardware engineers to perform thermal analysis
  • 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution supports steady state and transient analysis
  • Easily import mechanical objects such as product enclosure & heat sinks
  • Perform thermal analysis with enclosure earlier in the design cycle
Erhältlich ab PADS VX 2.0
(~August 2016)!