PADS AMS Design Suite

PADS AMS Design Suite provides comprehensive schematic, simulation, and analysis applications for PCB circuit design incorporating analog, digital, mixed-signal, and electromechanical devices. It is ideally suited for the mainstream electrical engineer who needs to create, simulate, and validate mixed-signal and mixed-technology PCB circuits for electronic products.

With a complete solution that integrates all the schematic capture and simulation technologies an engineer needs, design challenges can be addressed and circuit intent, performance goals, and optimization objectives can be met to produce electronic product designs faster and easier
PADS AMS Design Suite includes:
  • Schematic entry (PADS DX Designer)
  • Constraint management (CES)
  • High-speed topology exploration (HyperLynx LineSim)
  • Circuit simulation (AMS)
  • Variant design (PADS Variant Manager)
  • Component data management (PADS DX Databook)
  • PDF output (DX PDF)

AMS core simulation and advanced analyses includes:
  • DC (Operating point)
  • Transient (Time-domain)
  • AC (Frequency-domain)
  • Parametric sweeps
  • Sensitivity
  • Monte Carlo
  • Worst Case

Key Benefits
  • Enables circuit simulation and validation across any combination of a design's electronic and electromechanical elements.
  • Ensures circuit performance and behavioral design intent
  • Enables exploration of real-world environmental effects and variations
  • Goes beyond traditional SPICE-based modeling and simulation technologies with mixed-technology simulation and analysis capabilities that make it unique in the mainstream market.
  • Accounts for manufacturing and device tolerances
  • Reduces time, effort, and cost by eliminating over-constraint of circuits (i.e., the suite's comprehensive simulation replaces costly over-design, prototyping, and lab debugging)
  • Supports SPICE and VHDL-AMS; includes simulation and component models, SPICE model conversion, and a wizard for model development
  • Analysis-specific post-processing measurements, transformations, and calculations