PADS AMS Design -
Analog/Mixed Signal Simulation

  • Ensure intent, performance, and reliability of analog / mixed-signal (AMS) circuits
    • Produce electronic product designs faster and easier with single environment and flow
  • Seamless and accurate representation of both electronic and electromechanical circuit elements
    • Power and flexibility of VHDL-AMS, an IEEE standard, and comprehensive SPICE capabilities
  • Complete solution for schematic design, circuit simulation, and high-speed topology exploration
  • Advanced analysis included for behavioral verification, scenario exploration, and optimization

  • Unmatched price / performance
The new PADS AMS Design Suites. The goal is to ensure performance and reliability of analog/mixed signal circuit. One of the unique things is you can seamlessly represent the electrical and electromechanical circuits. Many of you are used to use HyperLynx Analog, which is included in the PADS Standard suite. One of the many unique things here is now you can take into account the electromechanical elements that aren’t in HyperLynx analog base [you need Eldo]. 
And the key is unmatched perfprmance and price.